Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food in moderation...

Since I can't seem to stick to any sort of "diet" for more than 4 days, I'm trying just a new basic philosophy. Eating a piece of fruit or a vegetable before every meal, or whenever I'm hungry for a snack. So far, this means averaging about 3 pieces of fruit and 2 veggies a day - which is good for what they recommend anyway!

In the morning, I'm usually eating a nectarine, having a cup of coffee, then a VitaTop - my new favorite splurge, because they're great!

Then an apple and more coffee mid-morning, and a big salad for lunch. This week it's been either a big greek salad or a big Satay Peanut salad with chicken. Then veggies mid-afternoon, sometimes with hummus, and dinner's whatever. With veggies - lots of roasted veggies these days!

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