Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 1 on SBD 145lbs

According to my doctor (and every chart I've ever seen), I'm borderline overweight. I'm 5'3" and "normal" weight range is 110-140. I weigh 145 according to my scale, and 149 according to the doc's. Of course.

So he tries telling me all the tips/tricks to eating healthy, and mentions South Beach Diet. I stop him before he gets going too far. I know. Not only have I read the book, it's in my kitchen. you don't need to explain it to me. I could tell you the principles backward and forward. I could tell you it works for me, because I've tried it.

The problem, however, is more with the fact that I can't seem to stick with anything I start.

I've got a deadline now, though. We're going on vacation October 24. So I have three weeks to shed a few pounds.

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